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It’s gift-giving season and our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide is now available. I’ve been busy collaborating with healthy-minded companies to offer you discounts on a few of their fabulous products. To obtain discounts, simply enter the codes below. Check out these holiday gifts that make great gifts for friends and loved ones.

Lake Champlain ChocolatesLake Champlain Chocolates Holiday Gift Set

Lake Champlain Chocolates is offering 15% off on all chocolate treats and gift baskets through Cyber Monday. Treat your favorite vegan to a sensational gift basket of dairy-free dark chocolates. 

These gift baskets include:

  • Nonpareils covered in candy sprinkles and dark chocolate coins
  • Velvety-rich and fair trade certified Organic Hot Chocolate
  • A trio of their popular organic dark chocolate bars

Yes, dark chocolate is healthy!  Besides, who wouldn’t want their serotonin and dopamine levels elevated for the holidays!

To order, visit their website here. A 15% discount will be taken at checkout.

Max and Jane Skin CareMax and Jane winter aromatherapy bath steamer herbs Max and Jane Skin Care Lip Balm

You will receive a free Lip Nutrient with the order of a Winter Celebration Herbal Steamer. That’s right, Max and Jane’s 100% organic Herbal Steamers allow you to experience your own spa in the comfort of your own home!

Steam facials have been used for decades by estheticians as part of a classic facial. Not only do they open pores but they aid in circulation. Use this fragrant blend of herbs and flowers in an aromatherapy bath to soothe sore joints and enhance sleep.

To order, enter DAILYDETOX in the comment section.


Hurraw Lip Balm Gloss Chapstick Organic Vegan

Hurraw! Lip Balm

Want to combat dry lips? HURRAW balm is the ticket!  These extra thick, creamy balms have serious staying power. These balms are vegan and made in Whitefish, Montana from premium raw and organic ingredients.

Hurraw balms come in a variety of flavors:

  • Papaya Pineapple
  • Coconut
  • Chai
  • Green Tea
  • Almond
  • Unscented, and many more

To order, enter “DAILYDETOX10” in the Discount Code box to receive a 10% discount.

Cannabeez Hemp Seed Botanical Skin Care Cannabeez Hemp Seed Body Butter Skin Care Jar

Banish dry skin blues with this ultra-moisturizing and incredibly nourishing Superfruit Body Butter. Packed to the hilt with heavy-hitting ingredients, this non-greasy formula will help your skin look and feel its best.

To order, enter “DAILYDETOX10” in the Promo Code Box and receive a 10% discount. This code is good on all Cannabeez products.

LotusWei Energy Mists
LotusWei Energy Mists Spray Floral

For a limited time, get 25% off all-natural essences and natural stress remedies through Cyber Monday.

Experience all of the different states of mind with their best selling Lotus Wei Energy Mists. These popular mists are available in the following scents.

  • Joy Juice (Blood Orange + Marigold)
  • Inner Peach (Lavender + Geranium)
  • Infinite Love (Honey + Rose)
  • Quiet Mind (Coriander + Geranium)
  • Inspired Action (Pink Pepper + Cardamom)
  • Radiant Energy (Neroli + Amyris)

Click here to place your order and receive 25% off.

Annmarie Skin CareAnnmarie Skin Care Sample Kit

If you’ve been looking for a natural skincare line made with organic ingredients that you can trust – and that actually works – you’ve found it.

Annmarie is offering a $10 off coupon if you order a Free Skin Care Sample Kit. Choose from Restore, Balance, or Purify kits, which all include a cleanser and facial oil. Choose your Sample Kit here.

Distinctly Montana Gifts

Distinctly Montana Gifts have Distinctly Montana Gifts Clothing Holidaygenerously offered a 10% discount in addition to their Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts. Currently, their gifts can be purchased for $35 or less.

Specializing in western jewelry, decor, and Montana wear, you are sure to find the perfect gift at Distinctly Montana Gifts. Choose from one of their popular gift baskets containing huckleberry chocolates, elk, and bison jerky or a BBQ summer gift pack.

To order, enter “DAILYDETOX10” into the Promo Code Box to receive a 10% discount.

Beauty Products

I love the way Pacifica mascara creates long, luscious lashes, specifically the Stellar Gaze Length and Strength Mineral Mascara.

Amazon Gift Cards

Get your Amazon gift cards here.

$50 Birthday Card.

$100 Birthday Card.

Final Thoughts

We hope our Holiday Gift Guide has provided exciting products to choose from. Please note that Daily Detox Strategies does not receive affiliate commissions or other compensation from any of the companies listed above.

About the author: <a href="" target="_self">Kelly Shaeffer</a>

About the author: Kelly Shaeffer

Daily Detox Strategies

Kelly Shaeffer lives in Whitefish, Montana and is the author of the soon-to-be-released book Daily Detox Strategies, which offers simple detox strategies to help you live a healthier life in mind, body & spirit. Change your mind, change your body, it’s all up to you!


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